11 speeds cassette compatible with 10 speeds hub

11 speeds cassette compatible with 10 speeds hub

The approach

We machine the aluminum spider of the larger cluster.
The difference between a 11 and 10 free hub body is 1.85 millimeters, so we remove this distance on the cassette
Our machining process allows a perfect result and guarantee a compatibility with all hub and spokes shapes.


Furthermore, machined 11s cassettes are still usable on a 11s hub by adding the 1.85mm shim coming with all 11s wheelsets.

The process

Here is the fabrication steps, old HED Bastogne wheel with Sram eTAP.

Models available

We offer the following Shimano Ultegra  ratios :
Shimano Ultegra : 11-25 | 12-25 | 11-28 | 11-30 | 11-32

You can also send us your cassette for machining, we only need the bigger cluster, this way shipping costs will be smaller.
Write you contact details on the box and we will contact you as soon as we receive your parcel, turnaround is 1 or 2 business days.
Ship to : Lasco Concept (Modulor), 6545 Durocher, Outremont, H2V 3Z4, CANADA
Important : in customs declaration, for international shipping, it’s essential to declare the parcel as a gift with “parts to be modified/repaired” mention, in order to avoid taxes.


Shimano Ultegra : 175 $ CAD* or 130 $ USD*
Machining your cassette** : 67 $ CAD* or 50 $ USD

*shipping costs and taxes non-included
**Shimano 105, Ultegra or Sram Force

Shipping costs

We ship worldwide, you can also pass by the shop to pick-up the cassette.
Canada : 25-30 $CAD + taxes
US : 25-30 $US + taxes
International : contact us


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