If you have questions about feasibility, price or delay of production don’t hesitate to contact us.


We can produce a 3D model of your ideas and print drawing at scale.
That way it’s possible to verify the feasability or the compatibilty, calculate weight, estimate cost in a precise way.


Our experienced welders team can weld aluminum, steel and stainless steel with TIG or MIG, without thickness or complexity restrictions.
We have a good materials inventory on site, for fast delivery of projects.

Machining, bending & cutting

We can machine and bend aluminum, steel and stainless steel.
We use laser, plasma or water-jet cutting to obtain precise cuts on different thickness an materials.
No complexity or quantity limits.
Machining, bending and laser cutting mixed with welding allows complex part shapes at a reasonable cost.

Finishing, paint & coating

We offer aluminum and stainless steel brushing, anodizing, blackening, coating (chrome, nickel, copper,…).
We can paint with custom colours or powder-coat.